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Ingo Boehme , Boehme Music                                 Remo Products                   Wolfgang Deinert, Klangfarben

During the last years, I have met many artist and craftspeople from Germany, England and America. Some of them are small one-person businesses, which with limited budgets and big dreams. Many of them expressed a want desire to sell their Art art or Craft craft in America but did not see a way to do so by themselves.

To support German and American artist to show their work international I do extensive volunteer work for different non profit Art organisation.

Inspired through this need and with my background as a manager and artist, I created my trading company Art and Music.  I am focusing on working with small businesses, and by sharing resources and fair agreements, we all profit from networking together.

I represent the following instrument builders in America:
Ingo Boehme , Boehme Music
Wolfgang Deinert, Klangfarben
Tobias Kaye, Sounding bowls

I am a California certiefied woman owned small business  
        Gabriele Schwibach
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